Hello beautiful people!

My name is Malane (pronounced ‘mel-an’), but you can call me Mal, and I am super excited to begin this new journey with you! I was born in Massachusetts, raised in Texas, and live in a little town called Palestine. No, not the middle eastern Palestine, the East Texas ‘Pal-es-teen.’ I am 5’1, Cambodian, and I serve people as a calling and a passion, along with cooking and sharing the good word of God.

The purpose of this blog:

I will NOT, and repeat will not, talk/type/write my blogs as if I was writing an essay to get accepted into Yale. I want to connect with people, with YOU, in an authentic way.

First and foremost, the main purpose of this blog, is so that I can share the beautiful Word of God. Yes. I am a full-time Jesus lover. I mean, who doesn’t love the One who died for our sins, and no matter how sinful or imperfect we are, He still LOVES us; can I get an amen?

I would love to also share my journey in life with y’all. Obviously, I’m not special and nothing exciting happens, but to share something so BEAUTIFUL and love others the way He LOVES us, brings such JOY to my heart! We are all broken people, and I believe that His light breaks in and defeats all types of darkness! He makes us new and I cannot contain such joy, I’m GOING to share it with you.

What else is there?

I also am going to add recipes and DIY ideas (all credited), creative money saving ideas, daily bible verses, awesome songs, and weekly topic polls! And if you have any prayer requests, especially specific ones, you can totally email me at abrokenwaitress@gmail.com or find me on Instagram @malanedorn and slide into my DM’s.

You can totally follow my other social media, and follow up with what I got going today! It was super nice to meet y’all, thanks for visiting!


Instagram: instagram.com/malanedorn   Twitter: twitter.com/_itsmal