Happy 2018 everyone! 

I’m looking back on His faithfulness, and oh how dwelling on Him makes my heart sing. It makes me dance. It makes me wonder the things He has for me. He was there holding everything. He grew and shaped my heart in ways I didn’t know it could and by His love, I walked in the beauty of what it means to be in the fire and have stood because He was my ever present help in trouble just as He said He would.

I have gone through great amounts of pain, laughter, joy, and sorrow and I can’t believe the number of things I learned and have experienced. The amount of friends I made and lost, and the love I’ve shared with guys I’ve dated. The job I loved and lost and the one I’m growing to love now.

I don’t know about y’all but I’m joyful. Content. Wonderfully blessed and I can’t stop feeling butterflies. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m doing grown up things and I’m proud of myself. Maybe it’s the guy I text and flirt with everyday with high hopes that he’ll look to me and call me his girl. Maybe it’s the love and light of all the people in my life I keep so close to me now and never want to lose. Whatever it is, all I can say is I’m blessed. It’s definitely well with my soul.

This past year He showed me even more how to see the success in others and truly cheer them on and encourage them, which is one of the reasons why I chose to start this blog. His still small voice, I hear Him tell me, “let it go,” “lay it at my feet,” “look for me,” “I am doing something greater, so trust in me.”
And though there were times I felt depressed, times I felt alone and times I felt hurt, He comforted me in those times and He was always there, just like He is now for you and me.

I hope this year brings you buckets of laughter and joy. Through any pain or trials, know that God is still with you and for you. He guides you and will love you no matter what. Don’t let the year get the best of you, but get the best out of the year. Show everyone that it’s a different date, but the same you, the same goals. I can’t wait to take on this journey to the next level with my readers. Building and loving and sharing, it makes me jump with excitement!

Happy New Year!

Love y’all buckets, 

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