How to defeat PAIN

Have you ever experienced pain before? 

Maybe you’ve lost a job, or have marital problems. You were bullied or are being bullied in school or maybe someone broke your heart. Whatever it is, everyone has or is going through something and when pain comes along, you have a decision to make.

You can choose to focus on the pain and it’ll never go away. It’ll only get worse, you’ll become depressed and one day it can completely destroy you.

What you can do instead, is have things to work towards during the tough times and have goals to reach. So if you’ve lost a job, don’t sit around for a couple of months until you “get back on your feet,” send out resumes the week after. If you’ve been bullied at school, tell someone about it and make it a goal to make new friends who are good for you and are positive and will support you. Someone broke your heart? Grab your girls or guys, go out and do some stupid, crazy or fun. Put together a cool bucket list in your budget and check them off, and then get back out there again.

If you have all those goals, and pain comes along, you’ll start to embrace that heartache and burden. It starts to become a motivation, a fuel to keep moving forward with life instead of taking a step back. Because you’re focused on your goals and the positives, that pain starts to pass through you and yes you’ll feel hurt, yes you’ll be disappointed because it’s only human, but it’s the matter of what your focus is on. Is it on the loss of a loved one, or are you going to celebrate the life they lived? Is it losing your girlfriend who you cared for a lot, or are you going to forgive and do something you like for a change? Is it being bullied and feeling sorry for yourself, or are you going to show those bullies who you are and how proud you are of yourself, because God made you, YOU, and no one else can be you. Some nights you may cry yourself to sleep, and that’s okay. It’s okay to feel hurt and tell someone about it…but it’s even better to find your focus on what’s ahead of you when you’re finished.

You see, life is 10% what you make it, and 90% how you take it. You love those who love you and treat you right, and pray for those who have anger or hate towards you. The world will not always give you recognition for the good that you do, and will put you down for the one mistake that you make. Rise above that criticism and stay strong. Don’t amplify that one thing and remember not to let compliments get to your head, and criticism get to your heart. You wake up with a positive mind set, your whole day can be what you make it!

Rise, shine and grind for your goal. Show the world what your purpose is, and give praises and glory to God, because He gives you days to wake up to. You take one step, and darling, God will take 15 for you. He feels for the hurt and brokenhearted and is near to them, and He asks you to give Him your burden. Leave it all to Him and the mountain that’s in front of you will thrown into the midst of the sea. Focus on what’s good and who’s good. Who is there to catch you when you fall? Jesus. Along with Him, your friends, your lover, your confidant, your parents, your siblings, etc.

Maybe it’s a hug you need. I sure as heck need one of those right now myself! Last but not least, don’t forget to pray about it. First pray, then take action. Remember, you have your part too, and if you don’t take your step, then it might be a little hard to get where you need to go. Find yourself in a peaceful place and let go of everything that weighs on you, and defeat pain with moving forward.

“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.” —3 John 1:2


Love you buckets, 



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