Life as a Server (pt. 1)

I find so much joy in my job and what I do. I know a lot of people are like, “waitressing jobs suck, because the pay rate is so low and you get treated like trash.”


Sure, pay isn’t what you want it to be, but I think it’s perfectly fine. To be honest, my paycheck FEELS like a bonus check than anything, and I don’t work just for money, I work for the wonderful satisfaction of serving someone else. Yes in reality, money helps, I mean I don’t know how I manage to pay almost $800 worth of bills, but I feel like being a server is also a chance to bless someone by talking to them and making them feel good. I enjoy speaking words of life over others and making sure they’re pretty happy.

I believe that if you give respect, more than likely you will receive it, and vice versa. I actually care about every guest that comes in through the door. You never really know if someone is having a bad day, or just needs some type of happy in their day. Anyone could be going through loss, depression or have prayed for some kind of light. We are to be the salt in this world, and spread that love and joy. I mean, I have bad days myself, and some people aren’t patient enough, but one of my philosophies are: if you wake up with Jesus on your mind and with a positive attitude, your day can be as amazing as you can make it. 

I absolutely love my crew. They’re all so funny and helpful. Sweet sometimes, and caring. I love how, LeeAnn would make inappropriate jokes with me, or how Mary and I talk about partying and how silly we can get. I love how sweet and innocent Princess is, or how Cindi and Mollie would give me hugs and kisses like they’re both my mothers. All the cooks are awesome, Miss Rebecca and Theo, KC and Bear. Francesca, or whom we call ‘mama,’ is super sweet. Our hostesses and dishwashers are bomb too, like Trisha, Mac and Mrs.B.

The rest of the others rock too. One of the best part, is that my best friend Kelsey and my home girl and sister Martha works with me too. It’s this whole crazy crew that get on each other’s nerves and love each other too. Last but not least, our managers are pretty great too. Lance, Robert and Cherish. Cindi and Mollie are managers too, but I think these three are the real deal.

I’m not a suck up, and I’ll be damned if anyone thought that I was trying to be on someone’s “good side,” or whatever, but I truly care about these people. I love these folks as if I knew them forever. These people bring the good out of me, and they’re such big blessings in my life, and I’m happy. I’m happy with my job, the people at my job, and serving people and bringing smiles.  Not everyday is perfect, but I can definitely make everyday the best possible. You can too!

I’ll tell you more about it soon.


Love you buckets,


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