What is LOVE?

What does it mean that ‘God is love?’

What does it mean to put your trust in God’s love?

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” (1 John 4:16 NIV)

What do you do when you find love, or feel loved, or anything in that matter? Do you run away? Do you get scared or timid and hide? Do you receive it and give it back?

I know it can be scary. You could love someone and they couldn’t love you back. It can hurt. You could be in love with someone for so many years, and one day, they break your heart or something happens that tear you apart from each other. It can be toxic. You could be in a relationship where he/she abuses you, takes advantage of you and you could never see it because you want to believe that he/she wants the best for you, but really they want what’s best for them.

I remember a time where I personally would run away from love. Being hurt young, and forever afraid of loving again because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. I remember a relationship I once had that was so important to me, I forgot my purpose, because I worried so much about bettering myself in the relationship, making myself look prettier or slim thick, or more smart. I treated other loved ones like jewelry and I felt miserable and blind. I wanted someone there for me, someone to hold me and tell me I can do it, and he was never there. Everything was toxic. We argued a lot, and disagreed on a lot of things. At that moment, I realized how far from God I was because of my focus on this guy. 

We broke up. We stopped talking and agreed to only speak to each other if it’s an emergency. I came to work crying over him and couldn’t stop. I felt so hurt, I can’t explain it with words, but it was like losing someone forever and they were still alive. I felt like, in a way, I was taken advantage of and I couldn’t do anything. I wanted to cry in bed and be pitiful. I felt so broken, I couldn’t trust another person to hold my heart again. After two weeks, I had finally convinced myself to stop being a little cry baby and get over it. What does one guy have over me? Well….a lot..but that wasn’t going to stop me from living and I wanted something better. I wanted to feel loved and be loved the right way.

However, my problem wasn’t that I wasn’t finding “Mr.Right,” but it was the fact of me not looking in the right direction. I put my trust in man, and I should’ve left my trust in God, Himself. In His love, because this whole time while crying over guys who would break my heart or use me for sex just to pleasure themselves and take away their stress even when I didn’t want to have any at all, God was there. This whole time while I pushed, bullied, and cheated on, He kept telling me to look to Him. While I sat alone under the pavilion at the park around 9:27 at night under the Christmas lights, sobbing, He stayed near me and loved me at my darkest. He loved me then, He loves me now, and He will love me forever. He never wanted to hurt me, God only wanted me to look to Him and trust in Him, in His love. I broke down into tears, and got onto my knees and asked for forgiveness. That’s when I poured my heart out and found out what love really is.

Love is such a beautiful thing. It reminds you how beautiful you are and how special you are. It brings you life and speaks purpose and encouragement over you, and when you’re at your darkest, it makes you giggle and dance and smile with joy in your heart and takes you out of that depression and sorrow because there’s so much more to be happy about than to wallow. Love lends you a hand to pick you up after a fall, and a shoulder for you to cry and wail on and let it all out. Love has no worry. Love has no burden. Love has no gender. Love has no restrictions. Love is love. God is love. 

Love doesn’t have to be a relationship. Love can be like you and your pet. You and your children, your siblings, and parents. Love can be like a man having the heart to walk up to another man or woman and pray over them, asking God to heal whatever burdens their heart. That’s love. Love is when you and your best friend share food together and bump heads and hug at work. Love is when you share a bed with your sister/best friend and spending the end of the day together watching Madea movies and laughing your butts off. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. Love is inspiring. Love motivates and brings peace to all chaos. Again, God is love. No love is greater than He.

I know you may have been through a heartbreak, or you’ve probably lost someone close to you and they were maybe your only friend, but don’t fret. God is always near. He does love you, even when you think you least deserve it. Yes, it feels good to be held and be loved in the way a man could love you and to have someone always there to see you and make you smile just by their presence, but it feels even better to know that God’s love is more everlasting than theirs, and the day where there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more fear, He will be there. We will praise Him, and rejoice and Jesus said He’d serve us and we wouldn’t serve Him. THAT’S LOVE.  There’s no sin too big or too small that will stop that love. You could hate God, and He still loves you. Your past could be filled with shame and God still loves you. I know I have not lived the way I should have, but I know for a fact, I’m still loved.

Right now, He’s blessed me with someone I want to love on also and the fact that I’m so in love with our Lord, it encourages me to share that love with that special someone of mine. To always remind him that Jesus loves him too and to encourage him everyday and speak life over him the way God has called us to do for others. This guy is different to me, and he’s special to me. He’s one of the reasons why I do this blogging thing, because he’s an encouragement, and he’s so sweet and loving and I want him to know I love him buckets.

My heart is filled with so much joy and love, I can’t contain it! God is just so good, and His love will forever be what I long for, all my days and I cannot wait for the rest of my life to share all of His love and His word!

You awesome, silly, beautiful, inspiring world changers, go LOVE!!!




Love you guys, 


One thought on “What is LOVE?

  1. aveks

    Hey Mal, good to see you recover from the past and yet sad to know about such past. One thing I think you should consider, is to love yourself because you deserve it. Deserving in the eyes of Lord, loved by lord himself. But you ought to make sure you live and love every moment of life you have. Try to look at this in this way. That when you love someone you’ll go to any lengths to make the other person happy. Well make that other person yourself and see how much more is waiting for you. Lord will approve, because you’re acting on his morals of Love.

    Take care.


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