Trick Or Treat!

Hey what’s up, y’all!

Halloween is just right around the corner…literally, it’s on Tuesday! And we’re all excited for the good ole spooks and yummy treats! It’s full of monsters, goblins, princesses and super heroes, and it’s so much fun to see kids excited to see their bags and buckets fill through the night with skittles and snickers.

However, the only thing we need to look out for, are the REAL monsters on Halloween. So parents, sisters, brothers, guardians, or anyone who’s taking their kids or any children out to a trunk or treat event at church or a normal door to door visits, please keep a close look out. It may be a fun holiday, but it’s also filled with stupid, reckless and ignorant folks. Make sure their candy packages or wrappers aren’t already open, and that no one suspicious is always near or following.

It’s detail. Cars, people, houses, street names, all of it. I’m not saying, “panic, someone is going to hurt your kid,” I’m just saying keep a close eye, and nothing good ever happens after midnight. Parties? Same thing. Be careful when it comes to drinking and meeting “new people.”

I also am excited to be dressing up myself as either Meredith from ‘The Office’ or Georgie from ‘IT’. OOH OR MOANA. Or broke, I don’t know..but I am super excited to hang out with my gang that night, taking our little siblings trick or treating and spending awesome time together. God is so good, and how He’s blessed us with awesome fun nights like these!

Anyways, just a short reminder that God is wonderful, and He loves you so much! Take on the week with strength He’s given you and encourage others and speak life over them! Remind others the purpose they have, and how much they matter! I love you guys! HAVE A FANTASTIC AND BEAUTIFUL AND BLESSED WEEK!!!

Love, Mal

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