A Letter or Vow to my Future Husband

It’s 38° outside at about 1:11am, and I’m watching this show called, “Marriage Bootcamp,” and its made me think…”I wonder what that’s going to be like for me one day, or if it’s ever going to happen.” So just to be your typical “blogger,” writing letters and such, I thought I’d write a letter and maybe almost a vow to my future hubby:

Dear Future Husband,

Before we say the words, “I do,” and commit our lives to each other, here’s a few things you need to know if you want to give me your heart to care for. First and foremost, I love Christ. I love Jesus so much, I live for Him. I hope you feel the same way about Him also, because if we’re going to do this relationship right, we’re going to do it God’s way, so that way it doesn’t fail. I pray about you, all the time. I pray for you. I ask that God open your eyes to see what you may have lost sight of, for ears to hear the words that God speaks over you, and to open your heart to receive and pour out grace and love to all those around you.

I didn’t fall in love with you because you remembered my birthday and bought me flowers on Valentine’s Day. I fell in love with you because when you woke up this morning, you said “good morning,” to me before you checked your phone. I fell in love with you, because when you got up to grab a beer, you grabbed me one too without even asking. I fell in love with you, because when you had an amazing day and I had a terrible day, you did everything you could to make my day the best it could be and not mention once about how great your day was. I couldn’t tell you the exact day I fell in love with you, or for ONE reason, but it was the accumulation of all the little things, and I woke up one day, and just thought, “I love you.”

I promise I’ll take care of you. I want to take care of you. Your body, your mind, your heart. I want to serve you the way God has called me to serve others. I want to make you meals that will nourish your body, I want to watch sports with you and debate over teams or cheer on the same teams, I want to pray with you and over you. I promise I’ll try hard not to anger you, disappoint you, stress you out or push you away. I tend to do that a lot, and I don’t mean to. I want to lay in bed with you and talk about our days and chase rabbit trails.

I promise to love you the way you should be loved, mentally, emotionally, verbally, and physically. I promise to respond to you with respect and catch my anger before I throw it out on you. I promise I won’t treat you like jewelry. I promise I’ll take care of your heart, and I really hope you’ll take good care of mine. I promise to treat your mother like a queen and I’ll treat your dad with the utmost respect and love them both. I promise I’ll share turns with the chores in the house, and rub your back at night and give you kisses to comfort you.

Here’s what you need to know…I’m not all that. I’ll try really hard to impress you. Do my hair, fix my make-up, my attitude. I want to be almost perfect for you, because you deserve the best! I use to be so depressed, but you’re one of the reasons why I find myself joyful. God is so good, He’s blessed me with you! I also sometimes get sad when I’m alone, because I enjoy quality time. It’s one of my love languages. I get shy when it comes to some things around you, but I’ll open up eventually and feel more comfortable around you. I’m also working on my anger issues because I get jealous too easy, or frustrated to fast, and it’s bad. However, I would like to say, I’m doing so much better! It makes me so happy! You will be dealing with someone who’s slightly annoying and a cry baby, but please be patient with me, I’m working on myself and need support. I eat chicken, and sometimes will skip a day of eating because I’ll feel a little insecure of my body and don’t want to lose my small waist! 

I’m lactose intolerant, so don’t feed me dairy. My favorite color is blue, but I also love yellow because it reminds me of happy. I love chocolate and a hot cup of tea before yoga in the mornings or evenings. I enjoy talking about or reading books if you’d like to share your thoughts on your favorites. My biggest fears are spiders, rejection, let downs, and being alone. I might be 5’1″ and that’s short, but that feature is great in some other things. I love to cook and bake, so if you’re ever feeling peckish, let me know! I enjoy watching comedic shows or action movies, so get ready for movie nights because I’m such a Marvel fan! I sometimes am annoying, and I’m sorry for that in advance. I get attached and clingy, but if you need space, just say so, because I will enjoy loving on you!

If you’re ever hurt, I promise to be there and help you. If you’re sad, I want to comfort you, give you kisses and hugs and remind you that things could be worse. If you’re angry, I’ll let you take your frustrations out on me, so as long as you tell me beforehand what you’re about to do. If you’re broken, God will fix it. 

If God allows it, I want to carry your child in hopes that he or she will grow up to be successful in whatever they wish to do. I want to be your best friend, your partner, your confidant, your wife and lover.

Of course, I’m afraid of heartbreak, but I’m not going to spend my time feeling scared when I could just go with the flow, live life the way I need to, and spend time with you. I am so thankful and blessed you’ll be by my side through life. I can’t imagine what you have to go through, being with me.

There’s so much more to promise you and tell you of, but maybe we should wait for the honeymoon…

with buckets of love,



One thought on “A Letter or Vow to my Future Husband

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    What an amazing letter. Such a lovely and thoughtful thing to write. It makes me wish I was the one but our wonderful Lord and Savior will lead you to the right man one day and he will be the luckiest guy in the world. xxoo ❤ ❤

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